Hudak to Cancel 30% off Tuition Grant

Cancelling 30 Off Tuition Grant Would Hurt Students

Some people like to talk about how apathetic young people can be, about anything other than our narrow, day-to-day self-interests. But we disagree. Many people our age are closely following issues being debated by political parties that are important to us.

One such issue that directly impacts postsecondary students in Ontario is the 30% Off Tuition Grant. This grant was created by the Liberal government in 2012, and it now helps over 230,000 low-and middle-income students pay for their tuition each year.

How much?

  • Eligible students attending a university like the University of Guelph received $1,730 this past year.
  • College students going to schools like Conestoga receive $790 to pay for their tuition.

That goes a long way towards helping students like us pay for school. And we recently heard Brad Duguid, the Minister responsible for Training, Colleges and Universities, make the point that university students who receive the grant actually pay less in net tuition than students 10 years ago.

That’s why we were so alarmed when we heard that Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is promising to cancel the grant if he becomes Premier. Cancelling the 30% Off Tuition Grant would be a huge step back for students looking to go to University or College in Ontario. We would expect Mr. Hudak to be focusing on ways to make sure students have more access to a postsecondary education, not less.

As students we keep hearing about how our economy requires a highly skilled workforce. By cancelling this grant program the Hudak PCs are increasing the cost of a post-secondary education for students, and putting the opportunity to learn and train for these good-high paying jobs out of reach for many young people in this province.

Tim Hudak’s plan to cancel such an important program for students is a definite step in the wrong direction.

To pledge your support to save the 30-off Ontario Tuition Grant, check out this campaign: