MP Longfield Acclaimed

On November 15th, the Guelph Federal Liberal Association hosted the acclamation event for Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield where over one hundred local Liberals were in attendance, including Government House Leader, Waterloo MP Bardish Chagger. The Guelph Young Liberals’ membership was also there in support of Lloyd.

Speaking on why he supported Longfield’s acclamation as Guelph’s 2019 Liberal nominee, UGYL Federal Chair Sean Mitchell noted the support that has been shown for young Canadians, and more specifically, the University of Guelph. “Lloyd has been a strong advocate for our local economy, student population, and academic research that occurs at U of G. Unlike the previous government, youth have a seat at the table. The federal government has increased funding for the Canada Student Loan Program, the Canada summer jobs program, and amazingly, when we graduate, there is a robust job market waiting to hire us. Guelph has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, meaning we are immediately able to put to our education to use.”

Accepting the nomination, Longfield noted how far the Federal Government has come on economic, environmental, and foreign policy. The 2019 election campaign is shaping up to be an extremely important political moment for Canadians, with policies such as carbon pricing and the Canada child benefit both being at risk.