Make a difference

If young people make their voices heard by stepping up, by getting involved, and by voting then the world gets to change.

Go Tim Go!

While we usually focus on our Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield, we’ve been happy to lend our support to Liberal… Read more »

Gryphons for OSAP Initiative

Since the Ford Government’s announcement regarding cuts to post-secondary education a few weeks ago, we’ve been working to unite… Read more »

MP Lloyd Longfield on campus

After a successful day of tabling in the UC, we were pleased to host MP Lloyd Longfield on campus… Read more »

YLC Ontario-Southwest Training

We had a great day at YLC(O) Southwest campaign college at Wilfred Laurier University this past weekend! We’re ready… Read more »

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President's Message

As a member of the University of Guelph Young Liberals, I have high regard for the power of informed youth engagement within the democratic process. Everyday, our representatives make decisions that change our future, and it is incumbent upon us to ensure that these changes are positive. The decisions that our government makes today—good or bad—will be felt most acutely by us. Therefore, it is essential for youth to get involved in the democratic process and become active Canadian citizens. The UGYL is a vehicle for us to bring about that very result: ensuring that today’s youth are politically informed and active in our democratic political process.

By joining our club, not only are you becoming an active democratic citizen that wants to make changes in our community, but you have the chance to meet other youth who are grappling with the same issues. If we live by the motto “hope and hard work” while striving to work together in unison, there is no limit to the change we can create. Join our team today for an unequaled opportunity to make a difference while having fun! We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Hannah Ruuth - President

It is great to see the engagement and energy the Guelph Young Liberals have. I see a lot of UGYL alumni in Ottawa still serving, and still friends. MPs rely on UGYL support before, during, and after elections.

Lloyd Longfield - MP

As a University of Guelph graduate, it's great to see such an active, passionate and dedicated team of Young Liberals. This club has been instrumental in encouraging political engagement in our community. I commend the UGYL for their efforts and thank them for all their hard work.

Liz Sandals - Former MPP