U of G Liberals Rally Behind Del Duca

Hopes are high among local U of G Ontario Young Liberals. Since the 2018 provincial election, our party has embarked on a journey of contemplation and reflection. We’ve rekindled grassroots support among former Liberals, while simultaneously listening to all voters across Ontario to hear about the values they want to see reflected in our politicians.

This process is ongoing, but over the past year, six candidates came forward to succeed John Fraser as leader of our party and lead us into the next election. Our field of candidates includes Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East; former Vaughan MPP Steven Del Duca; and Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood; as well as Kate Graham of London, Brenda Hollingsworth of Ottawa, and Alvin Tedjo of Oakville.

This is the most diverse group of leadership candidates any provincial party has had, and it reflects the people of our province in many ways. Each of the candidates has different life experiences that inform the policies central to their campaigns and it will be these ideas that will help to define a new generation of Ontario Liberals well into the future.

Some party members found it difficult to choose between the six contenders, especially since all of them had local Guelph residents competing to be among the sixteen delegates that we will send to the leadership convention in Mississauga on March 6th. Both our Guelph riding and University of Guelph Liberal Associations met earlier this month at the Holiday Inn to vote on these delegates. Similar events were held in ridings across Ontario where over two thousand delegates were elected by grassroots Liberal supporters.

In the end, Steven Del Duca received the most delegate positions. The University of Guelph Young Liberals is allocated eight delegates in leadership conventions, and members voted to select six Steven Del Duca and two for Alvin Tedjo. While both bring different policies (and perspectives that inform those policies) both candidates agree that the Ontario Liberal Party badly needs to be revitalized in time to defeat Doug Ford in 2022.

Whatever the outcome of the leadership race, we continue to gain ground across Ontario. We look forward to hearing from all Guelph residents as we work to demonstrate to the people of Ontario that the Ontario Liberal Party is best suited to form our next provincial government.

For more info on the leadership race, visit Ontarioliberal.ca